Thursday, May 25, 2006

Last Day of School

Ahhh......the last day.....of school......for me and my kids.

Bittersweet? Yeah. A bit. I had a nice community of friends at my school where I worked. It was a family in a way and I will miss the day to day with them. But everyday this week something has happened that has made me KNOW that I am doing the right thing in my decision to homeschool. It is a trade off in ways, thanks e for that phrase. It is true, a trade off, where some things are concerned. But still the right choice.

I am excited, scared, financially worried, jouful, relieved. So many emothions. But we will be okay. I am sure of that. I have a wonderful support group. Now I just have to tell my parents! Yes, I still have not told them. We live in the same town and are very involved in each others lives so it isn't like I can just call em up and say "hey, by the way.." I will tackle that soon. They will grow on the idea but the first little while will be.....interesting.

Ahh.....the last day......of school..........I am going to enjoy this new life!



RANDI said...

Enjoy! I am glad you are excited and looking forward to your new adventure!

Kate said...

Oh this is so familiar! I can totally relate. In fact, I have been homeschooling for 4 years now and I still have these feelings every now and then. But what an adventure I would never trade for the world. Good luck. Ask away - most homeschool moms will share with you and be glad to. Take the good, ditch the bad. Go with the flow - your flow - and it will be great.