Saturday, May 06, 2006

We had the most amazing night!

It started our rather rocky but ended with this: "You know mommy when we got there I was bummed because I couldn't ride anything and I was sad we spent my birthday there but then I got to see the moon and Saturn and it was AWESOME!"

Awesome, indeed, Wise One.

The local community college had a festival today. All day, however we went about 5:30. We watched the local drumline, which was fabulous, and then made our way to the small midway they had set up for the kiddos. Every line we got in we were told that the people just in front of us were the last in line. They were shutting down. Wise One quietly went behind a light post and sobbed. He was heart broken. His birthday was a bust. We promised we would stay for the fireworks and he perked up a bit. As we were waiting in the parking lot for the show in the sky we noticed several telescopes set up. We ventured over and were truly shown "the show in the sky". We saw the moon up close and personal on several different telescopes. And then.....SATURN! Rings and all. It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Wise One and Rowdy One could not see enough. There were captivated! The local astronomy club was top notch with explanations and guidance and let them get pretty hands on. It was great. The perfect end to an eight year olds birthday.

And when we got home he got to share the details with his new land hermit crab, his birthday gift from his grandparents. He is a very happy little boy tonight.

Look up at the stars tonight,


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Anonymous said...

Wise One sounds pretty wise alright. The rides are temporary and back each year. Sob out the disappointment and then be amazed by the glory God has created for us.

Glad it turned out so well.