Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Beginings

I sat today and thought for a moment of all the new beginings I have heard about recently. Here in our house we are starting our own new beginings that involve homeschooling. One friend is starting a new begining as an ESL teacher, after 13 years of teaching economics. Yet another friend just got divorced and is truly finding the person inside her that she never knew was there. I could go on and on. Some are major changes. Some are secret changes. Some are changes no one would notice. But all of them are new beginings on a different path. A path that has not been traveled yet. A path that is choosen. A path that is exciting and hopeful. A path that was there just waiting to be walked. A path that was always in the future waiting.....for us..... WOW! I am excited about my new future and also excited that I will get to experience these other new futures unfold before me. We are all strong women finding our way. A way we only dreamed about. A way we weren't really sure we deserved. How many women have been here before us? How many women quietly choose the path that was less risky? The path they were already own. The path of obligation. And made it their own, gracefully, but always wondering what if.......

My friends, here is to all the new beginings out there,


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