Monday, May 15, 2006


I am getting a bit sappy about life lately.

Wise One has had many milestones this past month. With each one I see a growing boy that is not a "little" boy any more. He is a "youngster". First was his First Communion at the end of April. He was so serious about it and just soaked in all the religious elements as well as the attention. He said he felt older after he received communion and now on Wednesdays he gets to receive communion at school. He is a sensitive little guy and processes the depth of a situation better than I do at times. He pondered on this milestone all by himself.

Then at the begining of May he had his eighth birthday. EIGHT years. When you think about it, it really isn't that long but when I look at him he seems so big. Where did my little chubby cheek guy go? What about those chubby hands he once had?

This last weekend we had his first piano recital. He was number 2 in the line up. He walked right up there, sat himself down and played his piece totally by memory with out missing a beat in front of about 200 people. Now, of course, it was not a majorly difficult piece but the confidence he showed is what had me awe struck. He never hesitated. He never wavered. I asked him afterwards if he was nervious and he said "no, cuz I knew what I needed to do." Well, then, there you go! Milestone......

And if I think Rowdy One is not growing just as fast as his brother is this weekend proved it as well. He sat through a 2 hour piano recital like a gentleman. And at Wise One's birthday party he was the youngest one there and he hung with the big kids on several of the games. One game was a to test their memory skills (it was a Spy Birthday). I had a tray of about 15 items. They looked at it for about a minute and then I took it away. On their notepad they had to write what they remembered. I never once thought about helping Rowdy One. And when it finally dawned on me I walked over and looked at his notepad and he was drawing what he remembered. He adapts. No little kid whining that he couldn't do it. No little kid sitting this one out. No way. He worked it out on his own and kept right on truckin'.

Do they even realize how much they mean to me? Do they know that will each milestone I cry a bit at what I have lost and jump for joy a bit for what I have gained? Will they ever understand that?

Be amazed by a younger set today,



RANDI said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel! I wish I could keep one of my kiddos small! Each phase of their lives is so special and I know that even when they leave and start their own lives, we will still be close. Ah, if life would only stop changing!


e said...

when my son was born, i did not believe it could get any better. but each change, growth and stage of life becomes more and more exciting. each age i say to myself, 'e, it can't get any better than this.' but it does. so, hold on, you are in for one heck of a ride!


Islandsparrow said...

I feel just the same way - so proud of the new things they are doing - and sad because they are changing. It seems to be one of the costs of motherhood. I am so thankful for the power of prayer - the comfort of the Lord's love - and His promises for our children.

Katrina said...

This was such a sweet post and I can completely relate. My 7-year-old has his first piano recital coming up in a few weeks and I am already feeling sappy about it, in addition to all his other little accomplishments and changes! Of course, it could be my pregnancy hormones (Baby #2 is due in 2 weeks). I found you from your comment on Unfinished Work...hope you don't mind me stopping by!