Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I have a friend who has had a rough road the last couple of years. She has faced death and so far cheated it. How much longer she will get away with it, no one knows. We all cheat death daily but to people with certain illnesses it is more "in your face". Life is hard that way.

She hasn't done much living in recent months but was different. Today she was living. Today she laughed with Rowdy One. She played ball with Rowdy One. She showed him magic tricks and teased him. Today she told tall stories to him, and he believed! Today she giggled. Today she lived. And I got to see it. And Rowdy One got to experience it. Does he know that the silly woman who let him throw the ball against the wall over and over again has every right to fall on her knees and cry in anger, sadness, frustration? Does he know that his mother wants to fall to her knees and curse God for the hand He has dealt her friend? No. He knows a silly woman let him throw a ball against the wall over and over again. He knows he saw a fun, happy, living woman. He saw her as she was meant to be.

Today is a memory made. A funny one. One Rowdy One and I will share when he is eighteen and about to graduate and looking back on all the funny things he did. Today is something that I will remember with a smile. My son and my


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e said...

a silly woman, eh?

this is not a time to curse god but to praise him! praise for the refuge and peace i find in him, praise for the friends that love and uplift me, this sounds trite, but praise for each day i see the sun rise and each evening i tuck my son into bed. (you do not hear me dreading mondays or wishing for fridays to hurry up)

i would not have to miss out on the giggles with your beautiful baby, rowdy one. what a joy, and i selfishly soaked it all in. thank you for sharing his light with me. i will cherish the memories.