Monday, January 01, 2007

This new year.

What 2007 means to me?

Still processing.....

Lots and lots of changes coming up for my family.

Some sad things that I know will come in 2007.

Many exciting things that will sprinkle in.

It is all a little overwhelming when I look back on 2006. It was a HARD year my friends. And I know many hard things are being carried over to 2007 because life just doesn't get wrapped up nice and tidy that way. If I could pour everything in a envelope and mark it "2006" and file it in the attic with the other forgotten memories, I would!

I am thinking and rearranging and understanding and growing. My years seem to be so adult these days.

One thing I will focus on this year will be bits and pieces of fun. I will embrace the silliness when it peeks out at me. I will laugh a little longer and a little deeper. I will enjoy what is offered to enjoy. The rest is still marinating in my head.

More to come..........


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Randi said...

I have the same sense of life being so ADULT as well. It seems like things just keep coming my way and I would like it to stop, but alas, this is real life and things don't wrap up so neatly, do they?

Looking forward hopefully towards 2007--the hope that God is the One we find rest in...