Monday, January 22, 2007


Rowdy One woke us up Saturday and was sick. You know what this mother hen's first thought was? Oh we will have a day with Rowdy One on the couch and the rest of us can hang around and watch movies. Poor guy is sick but at least he will be down and contained for the day. What an awful thought.......................

But true to his name, Rowdy One was sick and then up playing. Sick and then running around the house. Sick and then wanting to go outside. Every time he got sick he was down for all of about 5 seconds and then off again.

I should be a glad mother hen. Instead I was a tired mother hen.

This was his first encounter with "vomit". After he got sick the first time I heard him asking Chosen One, did I just throw-up? Was that throw-up? He had not a clue and once he realized he was not possessed I think he was a little proud!

Six year old's can even make sickies funny!


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Randi said...

Here's hoping that he is feeling better soon and that no-one else gets sick!