Monday, January 08, 2007

Positive Thoughts

"All the great blessings of my life are present in my thoughts
Phoebe Cary

Positive List for TODAY:

Having a FAB-U-LOUS outfit to wear today! And Chosen One making a wonderful comment about it.
Being greeted with much excitement at the new work place.
Having these waiting for me when I got home. Man, was I ever glad to slip into them! (a Christmas present from one of my favorite aunts that I wear Every. Single. Day.)
Easy and yummy dinner. Homemade pizza.



Elise said...

Look out - you are finding the joy in your present circumstances!
It's so good to hear the things that are making you happy, friend. Isn't God so consistent? He did say, after all, that he would be with us always.
Cute p.j.'s. :)

linda said...

Those are some nice PJs. And I'm glad that you are finding work an enjoyable place to go to. What a blessing.