Friday, January 26, 2007

My OWN Strength

To show me my own strength God sent me Chosen One with a new kind of Blue Bell! It is called Cake Batter. CAKE BATTER, I say! And it is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you see I can't handle dairy without medicine and even with medicine sometimes ice cream still makes me sick. So I took a nibble. Just a nibble.


I prayed for it. Nobody to blame but myself.



Oberon said...

.......expect a miracle.

Randi said...

My daughter can't eat dairy either, but lucky for her, she doesn't like most of it!

I hope your stomach is feeling better!

Elise said...

Cake batter!!!!!! I'm dying here!
The Schwan's man just came and went, and I didn't get any cake batter ice cream!
Oh. I hope your tummy is okay. :)

QueenHeroical said...

So unfair! Tricksy ice cream making irresitable flavours ... I hope strength prevailed.


beck said...

cake batter??!! wow. i gotta tell my mom about that one. i had a hankering for ice cream on sunday. did i buy any? NOPE. i can't have ice cream here. if i know it's in the freezer, it like calls out to me. to save it from the wrath of freezerburn. so i feel compelled to do just that. save it. well savor it. =)

Kate said...

Yummmm! It is so good!
I tried the Edy's American Idol flavors out.. I don't know what their marketing strategy is, but they have 4 new flavors to try and vote for. So I got the Birthday Cake flavor - SOOO good!