Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cracked. Me. Up.

I am catching up on my blog reading. When I got to this story I had to get the box of kleenex, I laughed so hard. I love the way she writes and that she is not afraid to tell these tales.

Seriously. I was C.R.Y.I.N.G. I was laughing so hard just imagining the pictures in my mind as the story was unfolding.

Just imagining a child in a highchair saying "I see fire!" is enough to make me start laughing all over again.



The Crib Chick said...

Making someone laugh so hard they have to get the Kleenex is high praise, to me. I love to hear that.

Thanks for joining me in laughing about it! (Although it did take me a while to laugh about it. :-/)

Elise said...

Thanks for the Kleenex advisory! I have the flu today, and I really needed that laugh this morning!