Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The J.O.B.

This is a hard and exciting and nauseating and wonderful post.

I have a job, starting the 8th. Wise One and Rowdy One will begin public school starting the 4th.

There I typed it. Now I can go and cry.

This decision has been a tough one for me. Tough for my family. The job will relieve some very stressful situations, financially. My hope it that relieving that stress will free up a lot of good energy to fill our lives with.

The public school part....I really can't talk about it yet. Very emotional for me.

But the job is a wonderful job, working for wonderful people I have known for years. They are very family oriented. There is much excitement in that their business is growing in a new way. They are excited to have me, which makes it nice to go to work. I have purchased some FAB-O work clothes that I am sure I will get tired of wearing but I am riding the high as long as I can. The job is local and there are some flexibilities that are hard to find these days. And it pays! I get a pay check! Twice a month!!! Money!!! Oh, that will feel good, even if it doesn't stay in our account!



Kate said...

I know it's an emtional time - well I can only imagine how hard it is - but it sounds like a great job that's gonna get what needs to get done. What's best for the fam comes first. Thinking of you and praying for you ... :)

Randi said...

I will be thinking of you, Lyn! Just keep in mind that God is the One leading this and He has the whole thing under control.

(((HUGS))) for you!

Elise said...

I echo Randi - the greatest thing about everything is that God is in control.
You are an amazing wife and mother, and I know your husband really appreciates what you're doing.
Just keep things as normal as possible when the kids are home - keep those lines of communication open, be a comfortable place to land, and everything will be fine.
Praying, as always.

Lyn said...

Ah, my friends, you have no idea how helpful your comments are to me!

Thank you!

lindiepindie said...

Wow, Lyn, so many changes coming up! And no, my life isn't that tidy either. I know last year was hard for you, but there were blessings as well! You wouldn't want to file away the whole year - all those experiences have shaped you and made you who you are. I'm glad the job is one you can be excited about going to. Not everyone can say that about their job. And I have no doubt that this is God's doing - to provide you with this job. Nothing is a surprise to Him. He knows all that is ahead for you and your kids. Bless you this week as there are changes ahead.

beck said...

we've already talked about this so you know how i feel. just remember that God doesn't give us anything we can't handle. i've learned that pretty well. imagine after the first few weeks, when rowdy one comes home telling you all that he learned that day and when wise one comes home telling you how more advanced he is compared to the other kids in his class. boy genius that kid. thanks to your knowledge and nurturing. i'm just a phone call away should you need to talk... about anything!