Tuesday, December 05, 2006

more of This and That

Several of you have asked about a part time job or working from home. I do that right now. Do we have a satellite? No, already cut. Do we receive the newspaper? No cut also, read on line. Can you cut your entertainment/clothing budget? What entertainment/clothing budget!?

We have turned this snow globe every which way. And at the moment there is only one way to keep afloat. Well, next to winning the lotto! But since someone just won in our zip code I think the deck is stacked against us, there!

We have discussed this with the boys and they are being great about it. Just enough "mommy, I will miss our snuggle time" and "mommy, you taught me so well I won't have a bit of trouble" mixed in with the "I am excited to meet new friends" that it is making it bearable for me to have the conversations with them.

However, when I called to make arrangements to enroll Wise One and was told what all needed to be done including a math and reading test to make sure he should be in 3rd grade and that the test could take TWO hours I almost hung up in disgust and vomited! A two hour math test for a third grader!!!! I hung up the phone and prayed. Truly. There was nothing else I could do. I prayed that God will lead me and my children and keep us safe and secure.

Believe me. I know there are worse things in the world. I do. Some of them I know up close and personal. But this is really tugging at my heart. This is really hard. We will get through it. We will be strong and positive. Some major stress will be relieved and that will be good for our family.


My mother in law has had a couple of good days. We have seen more of her personality. While this is more than likely just temporary we are enjoying it and enjoying seeing her smile. And my boys are learning a lot from their grammy and the people around her. They are learing about life.


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lindiepindie said...

Now I'm curious...what do you do from home?

A 2-hour math test is just crazy. Is that public school?