Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thought of the day, and many days to come!

"Giving control of our lives to God doesn't mean we let go of our resposiblilites. It simply means we leave the worry and the results to God."

I found this on page 9 of a wonderful little book called The Power of a Positive Wife by Karol Ladd. It was an "ah" moment. And I have been comforted by it ever since I read it.


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Elise said...

What? You mean I still need to do my job, but I can't worry about it? I have to leave the results to GOD???
Okay. Sounds good. Sounds great, in fact.
Thanks for sharing this, Lyn. I hope you are still comforted, and moving forward in the safety of a God who watches over the outcome of EVERYTHING.