Monday, December 18, 2006

14 years

My friend is celebrating her 14th wedding anniversary, alone. Her first anniversary without her beloved next to her. In a couple of days she will celebrate her birthday. And then Christmas and New Years. All with her heart broken into a million pieces.

No greater grief than to remember days of gladness when sorrow is at hand” ~Friedrich von Schiller


Randi said...

Prayers for your friend...

This will certainly be a rough year for her.

(((HUGS))) for you too!

lindiepindie said...

She is in my thoughts. I can't imagine what sadness she is going through today. For you to remember her on this day must mean a lot. I pray you are able to give her some relief during this trial.

Elise said...

I've sat here for awhile, just trying to think of what to say.
Words can seem so empty sometimes, so I will try not to fill the silence too much.
Except to lift up a prayer on your friends behalf - and yours.
May He bring comfort in the way only He can.
Grab on, lean in, hold fast.