Monday, November 13, 2006


When Chosen One and I ate Saturday night for our anniversary one of our topics was what we would do if we won the lotto. Earlier in the day we watched a show on TLC that was about regular people who had won a power ball and what they did with their money. One man won a gazillion dollars and at the time he was unemployed and needed back surgery. The things is purchased just boggled our minds. Statues and statues of people/goddesses/animals that were each at least $200,000. What? I mean it is his money and he did do several good deeds that the show highlighted but 50 statues each worth that much is just not for me.

Anyway, we decided to play the lotto that night. Can't win if you don't play! We purchased 11 tickets in honor of eleven years. Ten quick picks and one ticket we used important dates. About 10:30pm we checked the computer and what do you know...................

SOME ONE IN OUR TOWN, small Texas town in the middle of nowhere, WON THE LOTTO!

But is wasn't us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone in or around our little town is EIGHTEEN million dollars richer!!!!!

But is wasn't us! Ah well............being poor is not soooo bad. Eighteen million would probably have brought us a whole lotta trouble. I mean who needs a new car?!. Who needs all the stress of buying new clothes or a new house?! Truly, who needs it?!

I would have liked a new car. Not a Bently or anything just a regular ole new car for a family of 4. Nothing big.......



Elise said...

What an anniversary that would have been!
Course, you're much better off without that money. Truly.

beck said...

i just saw that on the news tonight. and thought - wonder if it was HIM. it would be my luck that the loser would win the lotto AFTER we divorce. =) too bad you guys didn't win, but i do agree... as puff daddy once said, 'mo money, mo problems.

RANDI said...

On one hand, bummer! On the other hand, you are probably better off without it! It is fun to dream, though, isn't it?