Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It started out as a innocent question.

Conversation in the van today:

Rowdy One "Mommy, how many Thanksgivings did you and daddy have without Wise One?"

"Three" simple reply by me.

"How many without me?"


"So you were alone for three years?"

"Yes, daddy and I were married three years before we had you babies!" I answered with a sweet grin on my face.......thinking, YES, dear little one three years of quiet and three years of finishing your dinner plate and I was continuing to think of days gone by when Wise One pipes up.......with THE question. THE. QUESTION. Seriously, we were having a very simple, innocent Thanksgiving discussion. And then...............

Wise One "How do you make babies?"

"What did you say? I think I misunderstood."

"How do you make babies? Does it just happen? Or do you do something special?"

In my head I am saying, oh you do something special alright Mr. and I ain't havin' this conversation now. You are only eight years old! And my heart can't take this.

As I try to control my breathing I think...short and sweet. Only as much informtion as they ask.

"Well, sweetie, God gives a man a special gift and a woman a special gift and when they come together in love they have a baby."


Well, look at that. He is satisfied and I can calm down.

"Well, what about cousin C.?"

Cousin C is a nineteen year old cousin that is unwed and pregnant. The famliy just found out. Now while I know worse things could happen to a family I just wasn't quite sure how to explain this to my eight year old in regards to how it happened.

So we talked of gifts God gives and we talked of free will. We talked of choices. We talked of hardships for Cousin C, the baby and the father, who is wanting nothing to do with the baby. We discussed all of this.

And then he says "So the gifts are sperm and eggs? Like when seahorses are born, only the daddy carries them."

"Yes, sweetie, basically yes." Dang Discovery Channel!

And that was it. As innocent it was started it ended. It wasn't until I pulled in the driveway that I realized our tightly I was griping the steering wheel.

Innocent car conversation.




RANDI said...

Hahaha! Now you just have to hope that he forgets all about this and doesn't bring it up again, eh? ;)

Have a wonderful Thannsgiving!

Islandsparrow said...

Hilarious! I remember those days - sweating when you are trying to be so cool!!

Happy Thanksgiving Lyn - Have a wonderful day with your family.

Elise said...

Hee hee!

Glad it was you, not me!

For the time being.

lindiepindie said...

Isn't that funny how those conversations can end as quickly as they start? You're reminding me how kids can keep us on our toes. It sounds like you did great, though. Hopefully it'll be a few more years before I get faced with that question!

Can't wait to see pictures of your latest project!

beck said...

oh good gracious. how did you NOT tell me this on saturday!!?? oy vey indeed. i like the man gifts and woman gifts part. i might borrow that when the time comes. i dread that conversation now and matilda is only 5. my hat goes off to you my friend.