Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Today was math and handwriting. Importance stressed on the details. Don't forget to carry the one. Remember to cross the t. Wise One is artsy so we are working on making a one look like a 1 and a seven look like a 7. He would love to go straight to cursive but I am making him patiently learn to print neatly. Again, cursive appeals to his artsy side. Details my dear one. Details. Lets not jump ahead.

While working at the local high school I found that many kids can not write neatly to save their lives. Seriously. And lets not even start talking about spelling. In the computer age of texting and shorter phrases and abbreviating everything handwriting, and the importance of it, have fallen by the way side.

This article was interesting to me. Are we losing the art of handwriting? Not in this house.



Elise said...

I know what you mean about paying attention to the details first!
7-year-old rushes everything and also expresses interest in cursive. Dude, SO not yet.
I'm inspired to keep working with him - especially after the article you linked!

linda said...

I'm always telling my boys to write and make their writing something they can be proud of. I have a feeling this will be something I'll be saying for a good long time. Good for you teaching them to write neatly!

beck said...

i like the idea to 'make their writing something they can be proud of.' i think that says so much. matilda is nearing 5 and i'm worried that her writing skills aren't where they should be. her name still looks like a maze of shapes instead of letters. but we keep working! practice makes perfect!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

I am guilty of just this very thing. I LOVE the wordprocessing feature of my computers....time saving. But there is nothing that touches a heart quite like a handwritten note! I'm going to try to be better; thanks for the reminder.