Monday, November 06, 2006

Reading and Viewing

Just finished: The Joy Luck Club

At one point I was not sure I would finish reading the book. But, I did and I am glad. In the begining I was having a hard time keeping everything straight and it was a little confusing, the comments, traditions, the harshness of the characters. In the end I was pleased with the closure it ended with.

Just watched: Capote and Being Julia

I knew nothing of either one of these. Well, of course I had heard about Capote but had no idea what it was about. I throughly enjoyed it. I wanted to watch it again. I was mesmerized by Philip Seymour Hoffman and I still do not know if it was the writing or his acting but he was wonderful. Being Julia was fun to watch just to listen to the accents. Bad or good (the accents), I could not tell, but I enjoyed them!


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RANDI said...

I tried The Joy Luck Club a month or so ago and I just couldn't get into it. I tried 3 times but it seemed so confusing--I wasn't sure if I was supposed to remember who everyone was!?!

Amy Tan's book The Bonesetters Daughter is one of my favorites--a wonderful story about moms and daughters.