Sunday, November 26, 2006

My baby is SIX!

Rowdy One turned six on Saturday. We spent the day here in honor of a little boy who loves sharks! Nana and Papa, Aunt L and Uncle J, cousins O and L, along with Beck and Little M. It was a beautiful day and Rowdy One had a wonderful time. The shark voyage was is favorite! He is still talking of it. He rode the ferris wheel with Chosen One, Wise One and Nana because Mommy is AFRAID, SCARED TO DEATH of heights. Everyone enjoyed the change of pace and lots of smiles!!!

In the last two weeks Rowdy One has lost his first tooth followed by the second one a day later. He took his training wheels off and has not stopped riding his bike except to sleep. And he has, to me, been a little less fearful of things. He is growing up. Stretching out. Thinking crooked. Seeing life in a whole new light! With six year old eyes. He makes me smile everyday. He makes his brother giggle and makes his daddy shake his head! He is a treasure.

I may not be around as much as I would like in the coming weeks. They have discovered several tumors in my mother in laws brain, she had lung cancer this time last year. The boys and I will be caring for her in the afternoons. Our days will be pretty full. I will try to keep up with everyone as best I can.

And please keep us all in prayers.



Elise said...

Happy, happy birthday, Rowdy One! You sound simply wonderful - I bet you'd get along great with my boys! :)

I will most certainly be praying for you - and will be waiting when you have time to come back.

RANDI said...

Happy Birthday, Rowdy One! i just love that name!

Prayers for you and for your mother-in-law. God will sustain you as you walk this new road. (((HUGS)))

Islandsparrow said...

Happy b-day to your boy!

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom in law Lyn - I'll keep you all in my prayers.

lindiepindie said...

Happy birthday - what a special time! Every year just seems to get more fun with the boys - I sure hope it goes on forever!

I wish you peace for you and your family as you take care of things for you MIL. God bless, Linda

beck said...

i had the most magnificent time with you guys. thank you for including us with your family.

i have thought about you all day. please know you all are in my prayers. and if there's anything i can do, just say the word.

Kate said...

Happy 6th Birthday to your little one! That nick name is soooo cute!

Wow, your mother in law is really having a hard time. I will keep her in prayer and look forward to hearing how she is. I'll pray you have the stamina to help too.