Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This morning has been positive. I feel I must capture it for later veiwing when things are not so positive so I can remind myself that yes, this kind of gentle, positive life can exist for me.

The time change works better for our morning. The sun is a wonderful encourgement to get out of bed! The boys and I started off with a walk to the end of our street. We are draining our above ground pool, preparing to put it to bed for the winter, so we followed the flow of water on the curb to the end of cul de sac and the boys discovered that the water went down the storm drain and to the drainage ditch. All in perfect veiw and plenty of ways to see how the cycle works. We also saw and discussed all the other ditches in the area, that we see on a daily base while doing errands, that are connected to this ditch and talked of the journey our pool water is taking. Rowdy One collected some sticks, bugs and water. Plenty of imagination and understanding.

Came home to a breakfast of biscuits and sausage. I have received a renewed feeling for breakfast from here. Lots of further discussion on the slope of the street, why it makes the water go to the drainage ditch and Wise One even commented on the construction of the neighborhood some 25 years ago. That is why I nick named him Wise One on this blog. That kid really gets stuff! And yet can be such a wise a$$ as well!

Now we are having a bit of free time before the school day begins. We will do history today and talk and read. Plan some projects and then head to the library.

Positive. It does exist.



linda said...

Sounds like a great day! Don't you wish they could all come together like this? I love walking with the boys. Now that it's cooler, we should be doing more of it.

RANDI said...

I am glad that things are bright for you today!