Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Life

I have a new neice. She is sweet and perfect and sweet and beautiful and SWEET! I could just gobble her up. My household has been busy, busy will all the things that come with having a new baby around. My boys are in heaven! And my other neice O, the big sister, is just mezmerized by the baby.

I always love it when my sister has a baby. I know I get to be there! I have to have c-sections. Don't like it. Didn't intend for it to be like that but it is. So a certain amount of the birth is lost on me. But my sister! She just pushs 'em out and has the best birth stories! To be there to witness it is amazing and wonderful for me. To be there for the process, that God so masterfully set into motion, is powerful.

Needless to say, I will be blogging about baby this and baby that for awhile, I am sure! Oh and my last post about routines.....that is almost laughable at the moment. There is a new baby to be held. We are on HER routine for now. Mine can wait!!!!!

Kiss YOUR babies today. They grow up sooooo fast!



beck said...

congrats to the family... the ENTIRE family! i can't wait to meet the new little one. or at least SEE a picture. (hint hint) =)

hugs to all!

Kate said...

That is so wonderful! Congrats to you too Auntie Lyn! Bring on the stories - those precious labor (no matter what type) and delivery stories are so fascinating to me. I mean - it's life!

Elise said...

How wonderful!
I love it when life gets in the way so beautifully that it reminds us of what is really important - i.e. new life vs. schedule and the lack thereof. Enjoy it to its' fullest!

linda said...

That is so neat that you get to live near your sister! I haven't met 2 of my nephews yet - one already 2 years old!

Islandsparrow said...

Congratulations Lyn - I'm jealous - my littlest niece is 6 yrs old!