Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rabid, Rabid

We don't normally watch the news in the What Was That household. I honestly can not tell you the last time I saw a news cast. I get all my news on line. I enjoy not getting the over sensationalized tone from a reporter. It really saves my sanity.

Well, the other night Rowdy One and I were watching a show and a clip for the next news cast came on. It was all about rabid bats in the area. It was on for 30 seconds and then back to the show.

Rowdy One looked at me with amazement in his eyes "I have never seen one of those rabbit bats they were talking about. What do they look like mommy?"

Trying to hide a giggle I said "they are rabid, bats with rabies."

"OH!!!! I thought a rabbit bat with big ears would have a hard time flying."

Yes, Rowdy One, that would be a little difficult.

Can you imagine the picture in his head!?!


1 comment:

linda said...

You should have had him draw what he was thinking. :o) Kids are so funny sometimes, but who can blame them - they are learning new things all the time. Who's to say there isn't really something called a rabit bat?