Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What is wrong with me????

I am in a funk that I can just NOT shake! There is no "just snap out of it" sign that sinks into my brain. There is no "get a grip" that jolts me into, well....getting a grip!

Well, self, I am tired of this and Shine!!!!!!!! We just must get a new groove on!!!!

I could go on and on about all the things I think my funk is attributed to but well, that would just make me and my blog even "funkier" so not gonna go that route. Instead I will leave you with some positives.

I always wanted to homeschool, and now I am.

I enjoy my boys. They are funny little characters.

I enjoy cooking and eating a good meal.

My new little niece has the wonderful baby smell that is just intoxicating.

I could and WILL gobble her little cheeks up ever chance I get.

Today is a new day!

There you go. my positives for the day.



Elise said...

For me, funkiness skates perilously close to depression. I love that you posted some positives - sometimes that's all it takes to get going!
It sounds like you're still itching for that third child - I'm glad you have a little girl around to squeeze and gobble up!

Islandsparrow said...

Not a good feeling - I'm praying for you Lyn. really.

e said...

i know what is wrong with you! you don't get to SEE ME ENOUGH! at least that is what is wrong with me. missin' ya,

linda said...

I'm a just-snap-out-of-it girl, too, but there was a time when I couldn't and it made me feel like I had a taste of what depression must be. The kids were so young, I was pregnant, and my hubby had all kinds of commitments that took him from home. I hope you can figure out what you need and take care of yourself so that you can start feeling better.

Kate said...

I can so relate to that funk. Im in a cooking one too - Don't want to!
At least you've got some pretty powerful postivies to focus on. Hang in there - it's Thursday and we're almost to that weekend time!