Friday, August 04, 2006

Thoughts that I just have to write down.

Take pictures.

Tuesday afternoon after the clothes were picked out, "no not a suit, he was not a suit person", after the flowers were chosen, wildflowers for a man who loved the outdoors, and after his place was chosen at the cemetary, we purchased a tree to be planted next week, we sat and chose the pictures. Pictures of him with hair, without hair and with a mullet (!!). Pictures of him with the boys, of him camping, of him building, of him in the water, of him hunting, of him in high school, grade school, his first baseball picture.

Take pictures. His 6 year old will know him through pictures. His 9 year old will remember him through pictures. We will all see his smile through pictures.


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lindiepindie said...

It is really wonderful that this family has you as friends through this loss.