Saturday, August 05, 2006

34 years

Today I am 34. My friend was 34 when he passed away last Saturday. My mother was 34 when she lost her mother.

I remember the day I turned 33 I cried because I thought this is how old Jesus was and I had just heard about a 33 year old aquaintance that just discovered she had cancer. She did not see 34.

When I was 22 I could not imagine having a child as that was the age my mother had me.

At 17 I could not imagine being married. My parents married fresh out of school and just celebrated 38 years.

The years do not always make me feel "grown up". Today I feel like a little lost child that does not know what to do.

I am 34 and I am sad. But I will celebrate with my family. I will blow out the candles more for my boys than me. And I will make a wish. A wish that know matter when my number is called I will have lived a life that leaves good, happy memories. I will have lived each day and cherised it for what it was.....time. Time to talk. Time to hug. Time to just be.



lindiepindie said...

That is a sweet and touching post. I am 34 also, and in many ways feel like life is just at it's beginning. In some ways I feel old, in others, too young.

capello said...

Happy Birthday!

Enjoy your time here, as we never know when we will go... but don't worry, don't fret. Enjoy your life and everything it has to offer.

beck said...

from one 34 year old woman to another... welcome to it. not quite sure what 'it' is.. but it IS happening. i have started to take each day as it is and make the most of it. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. i cry alot more than i used to but i hope that stops sooner than later. happy birthday.... you are one of my heroes!

RANDI said...

I hope your birthday was a happy one! Sometimes life feels so weighted down and I think that in those times God might be trying to teach us something. Listen for Him and He will lead you to peaceful places. Praying for you...