Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I must tell you about the family member known as four legged one. I love this dog! Love him! He is sweet. He is gentle. He is nice looking. If he was a two legged one I would want to marry him!

Chosen One convinced me to get a dog. Talked about it for several years then came home one day and said "in X number of months we will have a dog. A breeder is giving us one." I heard dog and couple of months and thought, this too shall pass! Well, in X number of months four legged one was brought home. And what a wonder he is. He loves me like no other. Well, I am the one that feeds him or at least reminds someone to feed him. I am the one that bathes him. I am the one that gives him clean water. And when I am feeling really wild and crazy I attempt to walk him! He is eighty pounds of big ole' lovin' and not that easy to walk!! It is more like a cartoon where I am being pulled with my feet in the air straight back hanging on to the lease and the dogs ears are blowing in the wind. Get the picture? Yeah, wild and crazy I must feel to attempt that!

He follows me and sits wherever I am. Not under foot, just moves from room to room with me. Very sweet. He loves on me when I am down. Lays at my feet when I cry. Clears the room when I yell and talks back when I get on to him. It really is cute to hear him talk back. And those eyes. We have our own language. I am honored to speak it with him.

Yes, Chosen One, YOU were right to convince me to get a dog. He is a wonderful addition to our happy family. I can not imagine life without him. The past year watching him grow from a tiny puppy to a big ole puppy has been fun! And getting to know his personality has been even better.



capello said...

I miss having pets. I love good-natured dogs.

beck said...

four legged one IS the biggest dog i have ever seen. and he is as sweet as you say. except i'm not much of a dog person, i try to be around him cause he is a good dog, but that wet nose on my feet just freaks me out.

i miss having pets too. i want a kitty so bad. one day.

Islandsparrow said...

My dog is sitting right here beside me - she follows me around just like yours. it's very gratifying :)

Kate said...

i want a dog so so bad but my man has sacrificed so much just to let me have two cats in the house. he says "which cat is going" if i want a dog. boo hoo :(