Friday, August 04, 2006


Chosen One and I have had some hard conversations this week. Things like who would you want to be your pallbearers, what do you want to wear, what are your favorite flowers, what music would you like. Stuff like that that we really don't want to think about but when crisis hits it sure is nice to know the wishes of your loved one.

I am so tired and so sad.



capello said...

It's so hard to deal with your own mortality... but isn't it comforting to know what the other wants when the time comes?

(I want an 80s dance party, btw.)

e said...

i've found it comforting to plan mine ... to the detail: what i'll wear, songs, bearers, minister, verses, etc. first it takes the pressure off my family, when the time comes, it is my last opportunity to BE IN CONTROL, and i selected songs & verses that i think will bring comfort to those i love. that gives me comfort. the first time you consider it, it can be overwhelming, but it is oh so liberating.