Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Days taking shape.

We have pretty much settled into a routine for chores around here. Mondays are spent doing the weekly house cleaning with the boys doing all their "drawn" chores then. They do their "basic" chores when they get up every morning. I am having to remind them less and less and instead just do a check up. They have responded to drawing for certain chores and it seems they see it as a fair way to handle it. Wise One has drawn toliet and bathtub duty for 3 weeks now. He asked me why and I said he is going to really good at it and then he will get a lighter load! He accepted that. Rowdy One seems to always draw vacuuming. Needless to say he really works hard for that 50 cents. The vacuum is as tall as he it. But he doesn't give up.

Our schooling consists of alot of cooking and reading, with some spelling and multiplication for Wise One. Rowdy One has been busy with "bean" art for several weeks now and that includes patterns that he makes himself. I am waiting on some things I have ordered and also am still reading several books. Some on Charlotte Mason and some on Classical Education. I believe this is where we fall.

While it is still hot as blazes here I do know our summer is coming to an end. September, hopefully, will be a more set routine that we have all had a time to get used to.

Prayers being said for "30 Days of Nothing" and how our family can adapt to it in a healthy, productive manner.

Prayers continue for my friend and her children as they adapt to their new life.



Kate said...

It sounds like you are off to a good start! I love how you are doing a lot of cooking with school too! I want to start doing "Home Ec" for all of them come later this fall - our kitchen gets so hot with the afternoon sun and the oven on. A sweathouse I tell ya!

RANDI said...

You have really gotten the hang of the homeschool thing--good for you!