Thursday, August 10, 2006

National S'more Day

Go here to learn more.

We are picking recipes, making a grocery list and going shopping. The boys are in control on this trip. Then we are coming home making several recipes and then taking our creations to the bank, city hall and probably the library. Family members work at each stop, except the library but we told them what we are planning and I thought it might be nice.

Here are some recipes we are looking at:

S'more Sandwich Cookies, found in a Taste of Home Cookie magazine
Altering a brownie pizza from a Pampered Chef cookbook to make it S'mores-y
Silver S'mores, from Summertime Treats *recipes and crafts fro the whole family*
Grilled Pound Cake S'mores, from Southern Living magazine
Indoor S'mores, from a cereal box
S'more Clusters, recipe found here
S'mores Cheesecake, found here

The boys will choose and then we will set out to gather our ingredients. First official day of homeschooling. This day was actually on the calendar as the start day. I just tried to push us yesterday and well, we see how that turned out!!!



lindiepindie said...

Oh I want to know how today went. Sounds like yesterday wasn't too fun, but usually bad days are followed by good days!

beck said...

okay i'm sooo wishing i knew about this. i would've gladly come over to help you vote. ;-) sounds delish!