Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I just gave Wise One sentences to write.

“I will not talk in a rude manner.”

20 times.

Any other ideas? I am struggling to find ways to help the boys change their tone of voice with people. I need to do some work myself!



beck said...

gosh i was sooo in trouble for being sassy when i was little. still am actually. i remember when i would get into trouble like that my dad would take away the thing that mattered most to me until i proved that i deserved it back and behaved better. i'm sure it was my strawberry shortcake doll or my rubik's cube. lol

Classical Home said...

My older son has some trouble with this lately. It seems, though, that he doesn't realize he's doing it.
He'll say something with that tone and I will say, "Try that again without the attitude."
The occasional reminder seems to help.


RANDI said...

I wish there was an easy solution to this. I try to be consistent in pointing out rudeness/arguing and then having the boys say it in a better tone of voice/attitude. I think that eventually this will help them to think about the way they talk to each other!

e said...

hey - i'm back!