Monday, June 19, 2006


I am thinking of tackling a little home improvement project.

We need new carpet. We have no money for new carpet. I hate my carpet. We have no money for new carpet. Not sure I really want carpet again anyway. I think I might pull up the carpet in the master bedroom and paint the concrete a gorgeous chocolate brown and then find a nice rug.


Did I mention I hate my carpet? And that we don't have the money for new carpet? Just wanted to make that very. clear.



e said...

yes, you are crazy, but that's what makes you so dang fun!

RANDI said...

Yes you are crazy, but your idea may just work! Why live with bad carpet when you can try something new and different! I love chocolate brown as a decorating color!

At A Hen's Pace said...

Go for it--it can't hurt!

And if you decide later on that you hate it...look at lots of carpet stores for a remnant you like. We've gotten some nice ones quite inexpensively that way before!

beck said...

my parents are doing that in their entire house... minus the rugs at the moment. it's cool. now it's not chocolate brown, but it's naked concrete. eventually dad plans to 'color' it... but not now. it's nice a cool on the footsies. :)