Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday = Laundry

Why is it when you take a few days to relax it must be followed with several days of not relaxing and catching up with stuff? I need to work on that balance.

Beach weekend was wonderful. The boys and I can sit the entire day away at the beach. With ne're a bit of bickering. It is great to see them in that setting. At 8 and 5 1/2 they do seem to bicker alot. About everything. Some of it I can handle and even appreciate. Some of it I just can't take! Like the picking. And the picking and then the picking. Like the way one pronounces a word and the other one corrects so that it is the way he thinks it should be said. Yeah, that gets a little old.

But when they are peaceful. Oh how sweet that peaceful sound is. When they are totally agreeable to each other just to be in each others presence. When they do what the other wants just to get to join in on the fun. When they share ideas and plans. And sandcastles with no one needing to be king. Oh that is a sweet sound.

That is what the beach brings to them.

Enjoy the peaceful moments,



lindiepindie said...

Monday around here is a huge laundry day, just because I take Sunday off. Balance IS hard to attain. I know what you mean, though, when the kids are happy playing together, the laughter and joy is such a blessing!

RANDI said...

We deal with alot of bickering around here too--we are constantly working on it!