Friday, June 16, 2006

Father's Day

This weekend with be the Chosen One's eighth father's day. Eight years being a father, growing as a father, thinking as a father. Man, time flies when you are sleep deprived, money deprived and having the time of your life!!!!

Funny, I don't remember much of our time before we were parents. I mean I remember bits and pieces but not much day to day. What did we do with our time?!?

Fatherhood changes a man. The Chosen One was one of those kids that went down your street with his music to loud and when he had friends over you knew exactly what they were doing because they were rowdy and loud. Now that he is a father you should hear him when a radio is to loud! Really, it is humorous. He has even threatened to call the police on a couple of neighbor kids that are having fun a little to late! My how times change when you enter fatherhood. I laugh and tell him he is being silly that he was once "one of those" and I am sure at some point our boys will be "one of them" and he doesn't see the humor. Not even a little bit. And then there are times that I catch him as his younger self with our boys and it makes me smile. He becomes a kid again on so many levels and the heavens open up and laugh themselves at all the rowdiness.

In honor of eight years of fatherhood I leave eight wonderful things about the Chosen One, who is an amazing father.

1. The sight of my three guys all in the recliner watching "the game" and daddy explaining to the younger set all the rules and how it is played.

2. Playing catch in the front yard and getting something stuck on the roof then figuring out a way to get said object off the roof. All the while with little feet right behind you.

3. The talks while showering or bathing the boys. Really, loads of questions are asked at this time and with all the attention focused on them, bath time really is the best time.

4. When it is storming and 4 extra legs climb in bed and you move over to make room.

5. Our dog and how you pressured me into get getting him, "for the boys". One of the best things you ever stood your ground on!

6. Flying a kite.

7. Helping me understand they are growing and I have to slowly let them go. You balance me out at the most difficult times and I am so very thankful.

8. One of the ways you keep the boys happy is to keep their momma happy. And you win the prize at this one!

I love you! Happy Father's Day, Chosen One.


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Katrina said...

What a sweet post. Sounds like you have a keeper!