Friday, June 23, 2006

I just realized something.....

I like quiet. I mean I really like quiet.

Wise One is at my sister's for a sleepover. Rowdy One and Chosen One made a late night run to the store. Four Legged One and I are home alone. I have been listening to music online and just clicked it off only to discover......the music was covering up the hum of the AC right outside my window. And the faint breathing of my sweet, sweet dog. And the ..... quiet of my house. The music was covering up the quiet of my house. Ahhh...........that's better. Quiet, peaceful, dark.

My house always seems so noisy and I enjoy it during the day. I giggle at it. I laugh when people come over and cover their ears. But when the sun sets......I want quiet.

No reading, no watching TV, not talking. Just listening to the house. She is sighing after a noisy day herself.



Islandsparrow said...

I like the quiet too Lyn - and I am looking forward to enjoying some very soon. School is over at the end of the week - kids are off to summer jobs and camp - and the place will be so quiet - now...if only I won't get lonesome :)

flowerlady said...

me too, it's quiet right now...yeah