Friday, April 20, 2007

Rowdy One, The Chef

A friend passed on an Amish Friendship Bread Starter. After 10 days of doing as instructed tonight was the baking night. Rowdy One and I ended up home alone to do the baking ourselves (right up our alley). After mixing and getting our starters ready to pass on to friends, basically putting a cup of the concoction in gallon sized zip-loc bags for their 10 day growth period, we made our own two loaves of bread. While we were waiting for it to bake up Rowdy One headed to his bathroom, I mean laboratory. When the door opened he handed me a big 'ole zip-loc bag of HIS bread starter.

"Flour (most of a bag) and water(just a few drops), mommy. Just like yours. Feel it. Doesn't it feel just like yours?"

"Yes, Rowdy One, it is just like mine."

He is so sweet. I love him to pieces. Everything is fun to him. Life is good!


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Elise said...

That is so sweet. It reminds us to have fun, yes?
That Amish bread is gooooooood. I have lots frozen in my freezer...