Thursday, April 05, 2007


We have been watching some movies lately. Some with the kids, some without. One I even watched all by my lonesome. It was nice!

Eragon - PG The Chosen One, Wise One and Rowdy One watched this. They were all over it. I was in the room, but my big comfy chair just made for a perfect napping spot!

The Guardian - PG13 Chosen One and I watched this by ourselves. It was intense in spots but a good movie. I like Kevin Costner and this movie fit him.

Everyone's Hero - G Hand picked by Rowdy One and a hit with everyone in the house!

The Holiday - PG13 This one I watched on my own. It was great. Happy, not real deep, loved the little cottage. All and all a light movie for a rough week. I do not like Cameron Diaz in most things and this really was no different but because of everyone else in the movie I could handle her.

Take the Lead - PG13 There were a few choice words that luckily my boys were out of the room for. I mean two that really had me. BUT, they were used in areas that were real. Not just put in for effect. Anyway, I could have done without them. And there were some situations that were a little over my boys heads. But it was a wonderful conversation starter. Which I never mind. Another crowd pleaser in our house.

Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker - PG Can't comment, the boys watched it at their grandparents. I can only imagine. But they have talked about it, so they liked it.

What are you watching?


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Elise said...

Eragon - Kevin and I have been wanting to see this! You say your boys handled it fine? Cause I think mine would love it!
Well, let's see...
Kev and I are watching Frontier House, courtesy of Netflix, and March of the Penguins is coming next!