Thursday, April 26, 2007

I need tips....

On how to handle a VERY mouthy almost nine year old boy. I mean VERY mouthy.

I mean VERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any tips would really help The Chosen One and I because we are about at our wits end.



Elise said...

Ick - who does he hang around with at school? It's most likely he's picked it up there. Which is icky, because you really can't do much about that, but you can lay ground rules for home - "We are the parents God gave you, and it says here and here and here in His word about being respectful, good, thinking about what is good," etc.
And pray. I will, too.

tonia said...

Ah sister...I have a very mouthy one too...

The mouthiness hasn't disappeared although we have tried every discipline method I can dream up.

This is what I *can* share with you: respond with love.
respond with grace.
respond with kindness..

as much as you can, every time you possibly can drag up the strength to do it.

Even when they are being mouthy they are learning from the way you speak to them. They will learn from you that unkind words really only damage *them*, when they see the grace and peace and joy that comes pouring back at them out of you.

I say this from cold, hard experience...don't retort in anger, or just breeds more of it.

God bless!