Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I read this this morning and knew what I would blog about. Oh how this fits in to 30 Days of Nothing for me. All that I have and take advantage of daily. This sentence just made me cry. Simply made me cry.

"My poor parents, they always said, 'We wish we would find all our kids'"

You must go and look at the slide show. The look on their faces. They have been apart for 65 years thinking the other was dead.

How little I have to worry about. My family is all snug in their beds. Nothing threatening outside. No big bad wolf that we have to run from. This lady, Hilda, was ten years old when she fled with her sister. TEN YEARS OLD! Wise One is 8, I can not imagine him being seperated and making it on his own. I can not imagine being seperated from him. Oh the pain and grief this mother went through. And many other mothers as well.

We, my family, really have no idea. Really.


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beck said...

when my family came to visit this past july, we toured the holocaust museum and i was overwhelmed by it all. seeing pictures of what people went thru, hearing stories much like the one you posted, just everything was so horrible. i can't imagine what they went thru.