Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On tap this week:

Picture Study: The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

Listening to Jazz.

Reading bios on Botticelli and Duke Ellington as well as Saint Therese, who happens to be Wise One's patron saint.

A few other favorites so far: Bug Dance, on our shelf and always a laugh, Saxophone Sam and His Snazzy Jazz Band, and one that is on loan from the library but needs to be permantly added to our shelf, Discovering Great Artists.

In 365 Manners Kids Should Know we are focusing on the section Just for Boys. I purchased this book when Wise One was just a wee one. Now I am working it into our weekly routine. Skipping around the chapters to make it fit for us. Last week we focused on how to "stay out of sticky situations with food". Some of our hands on activities were how to get rid of something awful in your mouth without making a scene for the whole table. Pretty funny, indeed. We also had a session on how to squeeze a lemon so the whole table does not get rained on!

Find something pretty to look at, listen to or imagine.


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beck said...

i think i need to get that book. matilda is beginning to show signs of, well, bad manners. yes indeed my sweet angel of a child... who'd have thunk it!