Tuesday, September 12, 2006


We some new ones around here!

Any suggestions on how to lead your children to happy hearts are welcome. I have some grumpy little people. And it is making ME G.R.U.M.P.Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



lindiepindie said...

Do you think it's because the novelty of being home is wearing off? My kids get disciplined for having bad attitudes...the same discipline they get for everything else. If they say or do something that demonstrates an angry or mean heart, then they get the consequence.

We've been dealing with grumpy attitudes around here as well...

RANDI said...

I find with my boys that the more I keep them busy, the happier they are. Now that i think about it, my hubby is the same way! If there is a lot of time left over in each day maybe you could add more activities for them. Maybe a list of things-to-do that stays on the refrigerator or something like that?

Kate said...

McDonald's Hot Fudge 99 cents Sundae's. But you gotta find just the right moment to use it as a divertion.

e said...

each child is different, what works for one does not work for another. with man-child, yes even now, i use deprivation. example: "i'm bored, can't find anything to do." = ok, lets take away the playstation, guitar, tv time. now find ways to entertain yourself. gradually add removed items as attitude of gratitude is restored. this has worked with man-child on just about grumpy situation.

just a thought,