Sunday, September 03, 2006


Today as I gave Rowdy One his anitbiotic for his ear infection and his cough medicine for his chest congestion I stopped and thought about the blessing I held in my hand.

It is automatic when my child gets sick, to take him to his doctor, the same one he has had since birth, get a prescription or even just advice as to what to do to make him better, go to the pharmacy, where they know our name and will answer any question we have, go home and take the prescibed medicine or follow the advice given and usually feel better the first day.

10.6 million infants and small children die every year from illnesses such as
pneumonia and diarrhoea that could be either prevented or easily treated.
Vaccinations can prevent diseases, a simple saline drip can reinvigorate a small
patient dehydrated by diarrhoea.

I gave my child the blessing of medicine today. And I stopped and thanked Him for that blessing and realized this is part of the life I have. The lucky life I was given.


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tonia said...

it staggers your mind doesn't it...when you start to tally up the things you've forgotten to be thankful children not dying from sickness...