Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ever have a day like this?

Good intentions had me sent my alarm and the boys alarm for 7 a.m. Both alarms get turned off, boys come climb in bed with me and we wake at 8! Ah well......let's get moving.

When I back out of the driveway I run over Wise One's bike. Technically HIS fault, I tell myself. No damage to either vehicle.

As I am leaving my sister-in-laws I run over her cow head skeleton thingie and almost hit her fence. Yeah, well, never was a big fan of those skull things anyway. As we leave the driveway Wise One pipes up "hey mommy go back, you missed the garbage can". Yeah, I take full credit for his humor, he is my child!

Get home and start getting ready for birthday party tonight only to realize that while I have finally reached the end of my shampoo bottle, realization in the shower soaking wet, and have so been looking forward to the new stuff that I purchased that when I pull is out I read that it is CONDITIONER!!!!!! I bought this stuff a month ago and have been waiting and waiting to use it. Nope, conditioner it is.

Get out of the shower and wonder why I really woke up this morning, in the first place, to find that my FAVORITE pair of shorts that I thought were folded neatly waiting to be wore are in fact in the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper!

I ask, should I go to bed now or just wait for more things to happen?

And I have a migraine on top of all this.

Comical, really, it is pretty comical. Unless I get hit by a mac truck or something.



lindiepindie said...

Take some medicine for your migraine and you'll feela TON better. I hope the party went well. And I'll bet most of the dirt came out with the water. :o)

RANDI said...

There is always tomorrow!