Friday, February 18, 2011

type b flu

that is actually what i am cherishing today. type b flu. it means wise one and i have spent a week together. he with fever of 102.9 and me with a terrible sinus headache. he has the flu. i have a cold. but we sit together all day. taking naps. watching tv. laughing. talking.

"will you have a dog for your kids?" i ask.

"yes. most definitely. to teach responsibility."

"it that what four legged one teaches you?"

"yeah, kinda."

then we take a nap.

we eat scrambled eggs twice in a day cause that is all that sounds good to him. we stay in our pjs for days on end. with a shower on occasion to freshen up. we drink sprite and tea.

"why i oughta!!!" i say in some weird accent. like a mobster maybe. i have not idea when i even started this but when the boys pick on me or do something silly i say it pumping my fists in the air, laughing. and they say "but your not gonna!" and we laugh and laugh. family joke that no one understands. but a tradition all the same.

and i ask, "i wonder, will you do that with your kids?"

"i am sure i will!" and i smile.

he plays one of his shoot em up games. the kind that make mommas cringe and daddys's a male thing. we fight against the bad guys and save the world. yeah, one of those games (eye roll). i tell him to stop and listen. he does and smiles.

"i hear the birds. they don't have the flu." and i smile.

he is a great kid, this one. my first born. the one that survived my total inability to diaper and swaddle and change clothes with arms swinging in every direction. the one that made my heart melt over and over just be watching him sleep. the one that slept with us till he was three and now just tolerates my hugs.

i cherish this week of sickies just to spend time with him. and i think he kinda enjoyed it too. not the mouth sores so much but the one on one time, that he usually competes for, yeah he has enjoyed that.

off to make more scrambled eggs.


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