Tuesday, February 15, 2011


i have a habit that is not always good. in fact it usually gets me in trouble or makes someone else stressed in the house. and i am not naming names of who gets stressed but it is not me.

wise one is home sick today with fever. high fever. we looked for the digital thermometer and couldn't find it. wise one had it several weeks ago. he was checking his temp to find his normal. so we, meaning the male parental unit, thinks he LOST.IT! can you imagine. lost in our house? the horror. it was not put back in it's cover and returned to it's home so that is how we know it is lost.

i secretly, kinda, might think it was me who MISPLACED it. not lost. i will find it. just not now. when we need it. to take wise one's high temp.

i know...first off i need the thing and then i am kinda letting my kid take the fall. kinda.

we have an old timey one. it's not like we have nothing. just not the new digital one. cause it was not put in it's cover and returned to it's home.

and by the way i get all confused: it's, its, it is - it's WHAT DO I USE PEOPLE! i slept in second grade when we were learning this!!!!

oh and i am kinda looking for it but not really cause i know i won't find it when i need it. but it will turn up when i don't need it so why waste my time now when i know it won't be found. and lets just say that stressed someone out in the house more than me not putting things back.

and...if you knew me ten years ago.....well i was kinda a neat freak and now not.so.much. i did the whole kid thing and tried to work in the neat freak thing......and well.....it didn't really work for me.


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