Saturday, February 05, 2011

sticking with me

so the whole junkyard of good ideas has stuck with me. it has been creeping into my thoughts all day. i still laugh about it. it is such a perfect way to describe me.

this was a good took me to february to get it done BUT i completed it. i got to may and was happy. was gonna go about my business telling myself i would finish it later but come on, who am i kidding? i would get to may and then.....well it would end up in the junkyard. so i pushed thru and completed it all the way to december.
the thought, when i purchased it, was to use it for my "one word" instead of the picture, which it was made for. i still like the idea and i even went back and completed january. i snuck in "CHERISH" on each page.....reminder of sorts.
HA! take that!

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