Friday, February 04, 2011


so small a word that can bring such havoc.

i am referring to our current state outside but icy words, emotions and body language can bring havoc as well. three little letters.

outside the icy-ness kept my husband at work all night and the rest of my family in flannel pjs all day. under quilts. with 2 pairs of socks. that kind of icy.

but now as i glance out the kitchen window i see the sun. it is 448 in the afternoon and this is the first time i have seen it today. we are not used to this weather at. all. i am not sure my metal state could handle it for months on end. maybe i would adjust. maybe i would just become a hermit.

now i understand what basements are for.....when the kids haven't been able to go outside and get their energy out just send them to the basement! mine are doing fine so far but my little ones at school are paying a high price for no recess for two weeks. cold, wet and now ice.

cherish today: warmth of house and body and spirit; brothers playing more than arguing; no pipes freezing; no electricity going out; no place i have to be.


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