Friday, February 04, 2011

dusting things

i did a little housekeeping on the old blog. i tried to rearrange, make it more tidy. in doing so i laughed at myself....several times. in 2010 i started out with my one word....jan and feb good. then it's like i drop off the face of the earth. that made me laugh. that is kinda how i live my life. kinda how my house looks. i start and then get distracted. humm, sounds like rowdy one. HA!

i live to fast. have to many balls in the air. think i must do this and that to live. when really i am missing out on the "living" part by trying to live the good life, read the important books, decorate the living room for comfort, complete my degree, teach my kids the best way, make my relationship top notch, create the bestest diet and healthy recipes and lifestyle.

i think i read to much. and not the things i should spend my time to read. sometimes i read magazines, books and blogs and get wonderful ideas and think i MUST go out and DO IT!!! anyone else like that? trying to keep up and just get more behind. i never saw myself as a keep up with the joneses type and i still don't but i do think this is, a type of spin off from that idea.

we have so much at our fingertips in this day and age. i can not read it and think, wonderful idea, oh how clever. no no i feel i much put it in to action. basically my house is a "good idea" junkyard. hang on for a sec.......that. made. me. laugh. i think i am putting that on my fridge.

a good idea junkyard....sums it up so well!!!!!! i even feel a bit lighter having named it!

funny. funny. funny. that is my life.

my ah ha moment.....of sorts.

i will have to think on this a bit long. i think i am on to something.


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