Saturday, February 12, 2011

feb 12th 1973

the family story is The Chosen One's mother went to the dr. thinking she was going thru menopause only to find out she was expecting. she had four boys at home, the youngest being ten. several months later, The Chosen One was born. son number five.

he was born for me. already picked for me. already picked to be a daddy. already picked to love this family.

God does not make mistakes. even when we mere mortals think he did. i think i picked him and he picked me. laughable really. we were made for each other. before we even took our first breath. our story was written.

i am thankful He does not make mistakes. i am thankful He knows what we need eons before we do.

i am thankful for february 12th thirty-eight years ago and my Chosen One.


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