Tuesday, May 22, 2007


How many quotes I come across in my day. The TV, the paper, the magazines, the books. All screaming quotes at me. But once in awhile, more often lately, some quotes hit me smack dab in the middle of my gut and say "HEAR ME". Oh sure sometimes they whisper but they still hit me in the gut with the realization that I need to stop and pay attention. This is good stuff I am being told.


"Life comes in clusters, clusters of solitude, then clusters when there
is hardly time to breathe

~May Sarton, American writer

Quotes really do help me put life in perspective. I let them sink in. I post them on the refrigerator door. I tell them to my friends and family. I read them to my boys. I keep a log of the ones that help me make sense of my time at. this. moment.

The quote above promises me a cluster of solitude. And I believe it. I will hang on to it. It will get me through this cluster.

Some seem like they are reading my mind. Others I see telling the future. And still some give me great comfort on my roughest day. Oh, sure they are simple. To simplistic for some. But I have found life really is simple. I just make it very complicated most of the time.

Many time I read a quote or hear a saying and look up and say "thank you Lord, I heard it." He really does have to get me in many different ways. I am a slow learner. Putting myself in charge and in control. A quote can really slow me down. He knows my language. I am thankful for that.

A good quote can be like a life raft on a day of drowning.

Enjoy the quotes you hear today.


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