Saturday, May 26, 2007

Away time....

Chosen One and I are away for the weekend, sans children. Those little creatures are wonderful but when I have a weekend away I realize how LOUD my life is. How busy and how much movement my life has. And how little time I actually spend with Chosen One.

We are at my aunt's, which is like a mini bed and breakfast for us. She is out of town so we have the place all to ourselves.

So far we have eaten, watched movies, eaten some more and watched more movies. We ventured out a little this morning, burger's here and groceries here, but really we fully intended to stay in and catch up on us time and movies that can't be watched at home with countless interruptions or little ears.

Music and Lyrics, was not a hit with either one of us! Chosen One said "just plain stupid" and while I laughed at parts I really do agree with him.

Ladder 49, thumbs up. Predictable, yes. Outrageous fire scenes, yes. Story, good.

Blood Diamond, now that was a powerful and thought provoking movie. Makes me never want to wear or purchase a diamond again.

Up next......Crash, Out of Time, and Changing Lanes. All pretty intense. Like I said, not ones to view around little ears.

Oh! And more food. Chosen One is fixing it as we speak.



Kate said...

oooo! enjoy your alone time. it's absolutely necessary!!

Randi said...

I agree with you on music and lyrics--laughable in parts, but basically dumb. I loved Blood Diamond, in spite of Leo D., who I usually don't care for.

Elise said...

Oh so fun! Just the two of you!

Gotta love watching those grown up movies - language and all. :)

It's just so good for you to be *you* without the children - you're just that much more ready to go back to them.

Have fun, my friend.